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What People Are Saying About "7 Times for Forgiveness"

This beautiful story so resonated with our family. My eldest daughter was so uncertain of her place in the the family when her baby sister joined our family. Author Trent has once again captured the sweet spirit of a child in question, with a loving family there to provide answers.--Deanna WIliamson

"This book was a treasure to me as a father of color. There are not enough children stories that feature families of color, where the principal relationship that is explored is that of a young daughter and her father. Much like her first book, If Tomorrow Comes and I Am Gone , we are able to use Trent's book to reassure our children of fears that we are not always sure how to talk about as parents." Dr. Michael Stevenson

This is an amazing children's story that truly pulls at your heartstrings. It's especially great for anyone you know with an expanding family. - Michelle Jackson

"If Tomorrow Comes and I Am Gone" and "7 Times for Forgiveness and 1 For My Bestest Behavior," clearly demonstrate that Jordan Trent has mastered the voice of children in a most endearing way. Sasha's story is a reminder to all parents why our 'bestest behavior' will help our children thrive. - Kim Nguyen

Bravo Jordan Trent! Another great story that transcends the ages. My daughter, has asked her dad to read this story to her every night. --Stacy and Avery Abrahm

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