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If Tomorrow Comes and I Am Gone

her last release...

7 Times for Forgiveness and 1 For My Bestest Behavior

Educator, activist, and entrepreneur, Jordan Trent was born Terra N. Gay on March 10, 1972, in Baltimore, MD. She is the middle child of three girls. Her family lineage includes a long line of educators, so it was only natural that she too took her rightful place in the field of education. However, despite this rich legacy, and Trents natural gift to transform the lives of young people, her mother and father gifted her and her sisters with the power of possibility; reminding them that they were limited only by their imaginations.

Trent has lived by this critical teaching throughout her life and in April 2011, was empowered to publish her first childrens book, If Tomorrow Comes and I Am Gone. She was inspired to write her first book to help families and children, who are or have been battling cancer, understand, adjust, and cope with the diagnosis. Her newest release, 7 Times for Forgiveness and 1For My Bestest Behavior helps families tackle the challenges faced by growing families.

The voice of the Trent's latest charater , Sasha, tenderly expresses the internal conflict of young siblings. She has again, been able to deconstruct some of the complex insecurities, including the feelings of replacement and invisibility expressed by new siblings, and formulate ideas around those issues. Trent seeks to continue using her books as tools that will help parents and children explore issues that impact families everyday. Trent hopes that readers will be inspired, encouraged, and most importantly uplifted by the messages of family unity, love, and courage that 7 Times for Forgiveness provides.

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